Chris + Evie

...and Jensen, too!
We live in Papua New Guinea doing Community Development, Translation, and Church Planting among the Pei People group of the East Sepik Province.

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About Us

We are Missionaries with NewTribes Mission. We are thrilled to be part of the church planting team to the Pei tribe, and can’t wait to see the day when the Pei will have God’s Word in their own language, and a self-sustaining expression of the local church in their midst. This has been our passion for the last 10 years, and we’re in love with our Team and our Pei friends!

Evie’s from Oklahoma. Chris is from California. We met in Michigan, married a year later (in 2005), and have been missionaries ever since, walking together along this winding road -to eventually reach an unreached people group with the Gospel. The newest member of our family, Jensen Maylene, joined us on January 17 2016.

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You can support us in a number of ways... Pray for us by staying informed with Pei Podcast at the PeiTribe Website. Give to our ministry through any of the ways detailed on the website, via the links provided on this page.

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We don't get paid to do what we do in Papua New Guinea, and it costs more than you'd think to live in the most remote jungle on the planet. We survive completely by faith on the provision of funds by people and churches -- just like you. Our mission is a non-profit 501(c)(3) in the USA, and all financial contributions made through our mission are tax-deductible.

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