We are Chris, Evie, Jensen, and Harlan Jones.

We serve in Papua New Guinea, planting a church among the Pei tribe. It is a long and complicated job we started when our family was half the size it is today… in 2011. Our sending Church is in Indiana, but we have friends, family and churches across the USA helping us to do this job (but mostly in Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and California)

About Us

We’re raising our children in a tribal group of hunters and gatherers, teaching indigenous literacy, and teaching through the bible in the Pei mother tongue. We’re homeschooling, and cleaning our cloth daipers by hand in the nearby river. We’d love it if you would join our team by praying with us (social media and email newsletter is a good way to keep up) or considering financial sponsorship.

We work with a great organization, Ethnos360 to do our work overseas.

Our Work

We moved to Papua New Guinea in 2011. We learned 2 languages, developed an alphabet and literacy program, and finally shared the gospel and started an indigenous Church in the Pei tribe in 2020.

Learn Language + Culture

We are committed to clearly proclaiming the gospel in a language people can understand, and in a way contextualized for the hearers. This requires learning language and culture – a painstaking process that took us nearly 8 years.

Develop + Teach Literacy

An indigenous church will be crippled without access to scripture in the language of the people, which is why indigenous literacy is a cornerstone of our work among the Pei tribe. Teaching our Pei friends to read and write in their own language was critical to empowering them to study God’s word.

Bible Translation

Teaching from scripture is only possible with mature and literate church leaders, so our translation projects continue as we work to disciple indigenous church elders.

Church Planting

“A Thriving Church for Every People” is our clarion call. It is a long and arduous process costing many families nearly half of their lives, and between 3-5 million dollars per people group. We believe planting churches in every tongue, tribe, and nation to be the desire of God himself, and so we’ve endeavored to spend our years ‘crossing Pei off the list’ of Unreached People Groups.